Due to circumstances beyond us, NewYearGala team has suspended ticket sales for this new year. Wishing you a great new year 2018.

2016 Parties in Chennai

We are anticipating more than 100 venues for 2016 parties in Chennai, 2016 parties in Chennai has more flavour to it, be it new year eve parties, or a pure vegetarian party or even the family parties. The 2016 parties in Chennai will have the mix of all parties, there are parties happening in the City, and there are parties happening in the East coast road. If you are looking to spend a quiet new year with your family, we advise you to book a resort immediately and rest assured you will have a lovely time during the 2016 parties in Chennai.

There are plenty of resorts in ECR, usually for the New year these resorts get filled 4 months before and many resorts do not allows outsiders to celebrate. These premium resorts like Temple bay, Ideal beach resort and etc do not let outsiders and it is very restricted to the in house guests, there will be plenty of fireworks, games, shows and a great time for you and your family during the 2016 parties in Chennai.

The city 2016 parties in Chennai happens inside the limits of the city, where one can head to 10 Downing street, Dublin, Pasha or any private parties and head back home after the gala time. Some of the 2016 parties in Chennai happen in the malls, Express Avenue mall, Phoenix market city and Forum Vijaya mall. These malls are the happening malls in Chennai, lot of events during new year happens here, if you are taking your kids out this should be one of the best places to go before the new year eve dinner.

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