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Best New Year party in Chennai

The best New Year party in Chennai is happens in few places, it is not easy to compare and rate which is the best New Year party in Chennai. However the best in class parties can be classified. The best New Year party in Chennai for family and kids friendly can go the Radisson Blu, Airport, The Blu Gangasta at the Royal court. That evening is filled with lots of live music, stand up comedy and other lavish buffet. As far as the food is concerned Radisson Blu, Airport is second to none and they delivered the expectations right on top.

On the other hand for multiple parties in one location The Park Madras countdown was another best new year party in Chennai, There were 3 events happening in same hotel and you only need one ticket, isn't that cool? And the tickets were priced at just 6000. There was a famous DJ playing, Live music band, belly dancing, stand up comedy, Yes this can easily be one of the best new year party in Chennai.

While pasha, Dublin, 10 Downing Street were happening on usual weekends, even Priyanka Chopra was around at Park Hyatt, apart from all these there were some high energy parties happening in Radisson blu Masquerade party, Katz boom at Hyatt, Holovisual at Savera and Insomnia in Ramada. With all these parties around, Insomnia is easily one of the best parties because for various reasons 1) it's a roof top, 2) there is a dance floor, 3) There is a separate party place for your kids too, 4) And the party featured international DJs 5) unlimited food and alcohol, 6) it's just FUN!!! If we compare all parties, the best New Year party in Chennai is not an easy judgement!! Those who have been out to these parties will know what was it like.

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