Due to circumstances beyond us, NewYearGala team has suspended ticket sales for this new year. Wishing you a great new year 2018.

New year in Chennai

New year in Chennai always brings lots of emotions, colours and happiness to life. All the temples, churches and mosques will be filled with mid night prayers and masses. People everywhere in the streets all nights, simple and fun fireworks at every corner, beaches get filled and what not. The fun starts at the stroke of midnights, all the night clubs and party places are open through the night, some places have mid day parties and so on.

New year in Chennai always have this traditional flavour, at one end there are people partying all night, there is another side where the temples are open , the streets are moped with rangoli and most importantly the city transforms itself during the new year in Chennai. Usually the new year tickets get sold out very quickly the resorts get sold out first, then the hot parties in town, then the table booking for lunch and dinner.

List of party venues for new year in Chennai venues are Zara Tapas, Geoffreys, Opium Nar, 10 Downing Street, Bike & Barrel, Black & White, Regal Resto Bar, The Leather Bar, Blend, Chipstead, Crystal Bar, Distill, Dublin, Gallop, H2O, Havana, High Time, Poker Bar, Le Pub, Pasha, Bay 146, Transque Bar, Library Blu, The Cheroot Malt, Trantor Bar, Degree Pub, Zodiac, Tropicana Bar, Mustang bar, Upper deck, Xzubarence Bar, 365 As, Flame, Dome, Arcot bar, Madera, Rhapsody, Society bar, Pirate, Anchor Bar, Q bar, Vintage Bank, B Bar, Winchester, Minus 1.

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