Due to circumstances beyond us, NewYearGala team has suspended ticket sales for this new year. Wishing you a great new year 2018.

New bevy 2016

This time the New Year parties in ECR are getting better, lots of event mangers from last year are now coming up with new ideas and events to make sure the New Year parties in ECR are a great hit all over again. Last year the CSK yellow whistle podu party is now transformed into blue New Year bevy 2016. Yes Beach park club house resort in ECR is the destination, the tickets are little premium this year so we can expect a premium party from the Bevy team.

The party will kick start at 7 PM, there is lots of famous silver screen- chinnathirai celebrities will be sharing the party along with you. May be that could be a reason for premium pricing on the tickets - which is a still a great value for money compared to most New Year parties in ECR. Lots of celebrities, lots of famous personalities, acts, debates, and music

If you are an ardent silver screen fan with a loving family and really concerned about the travelling far in ECR. Stop here; this New Year party in ECR is the best way for you to spend your night. The highlight of the night is the chinnathirai dance show, meaning this could be the only New Year party in ECR which is featuring all Chinnathirai artists who could be dancing to the spinning tunes of DJ Vinu. If you think this is not enough, then we have the most famous folk singer Anitha kuppuswamy to rock your night with a special debate. Those who are looking forward for a family time with unlimited buffet along with unlimited drink and a resort closer to the city - this is the best place for you to kick start your New year. New bevy 2016 - The family friendly new year parties in ECR.

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