Due to circumstances beyond us, NewYearGala team has suspended ticket sales for this new year. Wishing you a great new year 2018.

New year events 2016

Planning for the New year events 2016? Looking for New Year deals? www.newyeargala.com is the right place for you to get information and to book tickets for all your New year events 2016. In 2014, New Year gala featured more than 60 New Year events, but for New year events 2016 New year gala has lots more in the bag. New year events 2016 have already started and the demand is increasing as usual, this year there will more events added to the calendar. The planning of New year events 2016 must start in November to avoid disappointment. Average ticket price for New year events 2016 would cost around 4999 - 7999 per person - These parties are usually in hotels like Radisson Blu, Hablis, Hyatt Regency, etc.

The premium New year events 2016 will be featured in hotels like Park Hyatt, Pasha for The Park, Dublin from The Park Sheraton, these hotels New Year party ranges anywhere between 10999 - 15999. New year events 2016 at ITC Grand chola was priced up to a whooping 99999/- Which is just a Rupee less to six figure ticket cost. Contrastingly there are parties happening for less than 1000 and 5000 too. If you are planning for New Year events 2016 in ECR resorts, you might have to book the resorts immediately; most of the resorts are now sold out. Resorts like Temple Bay, Ideal beach resorts prices approximate 15,000 which will also include the stay.

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