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New year party hotel - Park Hyatt

The pool was covered, the stage has been erected, and the stairway to the heaven was set from the second floor where Mrs.Chopra was all set to descent to set the stage on fine for the 2014 New year party hotel Park Hyatt. The entire stage was decorated and the with bright lights and heavy props were induced for The Hyatt New year party hotel. The stage was erected in a way that the entire flying elephant can get a view of what is going on up there! To get the best seat at the best New Year party in Chennai you must have got in there as early as possible. Surprisingly many of those who were to attend the non-alcoholic New Year party in Chennai did choose to attend the best new year party in Chennai - which is ultimately at the Park Hyatt, This was quoted to www.newyeargala.com representative during the event when they were interacting with a group of party animals. Both Park Hyatt and Hyatt Regency totally contrasting new year events but both were the best in class and can be placed among the top New year party hotel in Chennai.

It was reported that more than 1000 people were present at the Hyatt New year party to watch Priyanka Chopra. This new year in Chennai is awaiting a similar New year party hotel Hyatt, if any other new year hotel come up with another celebrity, Park Hyatt will takes all the credit for setting the trend of bringing a celebrity for New year party hotel. If your are the one who is waiting for New Year offer 2016 or New Year deals, you must have already booked your seats at www.newyeargala.com.

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