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New year events in Chennai

The new year events in Chennai attracts people from all walks of life, the key new year events in Chennai happens on the 31st night and other family events happens on the 1st Lunch. Chennai has over 50 star hotels with night clubs, 20 and more clubs, and numerous gated communities. All the celebrations are very unique; almost all hotels have more than one event and followed by a grand gala buffet lunch.

The New Year events in Chennai can be classified as new year eve parties, grand gala dinner buffet, family and fun events, and new year lunch. In 2015, Insomnia was a great hit among the city crowd, insomnia happens every year and last year it was in Hotel Ramada. Another fine event happened at The Park Madras Countdown where one hotel you gain entry and attend 3 different parties including belly dance, street dance and DJ. Almost all New Year events in Chennai (Parties) have unlimited alcohol. But every year we find lot of bad feedback on the events happening in beach resorts, some of these New Year events in Chennai resorts has food and beverage shortage right after the party is started.

On the other hand Dublin, Pasha, hosts the best of DJs and last year Park Hyatt went couple of notches above by inviting Priyanka Chopra for their New Year events in Chennai. Similarly all these hotels, resorts and clubs always on the lookout to differentiate and to add lots of colours to the event. Hotels like Radisson Blu and many other star category hotels. Usually these new year events in Chennai for families happens for limited number of sets where the tickets costs are around 10,000 for a couple.

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