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Due to circumstances beyond us, NewYearGala team has suspended ticket sales for this new year. Wishing you a great new year 2018.

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Cinema Town - Town hall

Residency Towers

Town Hall : Time : 9 pm onwards Rates : � Children above 14 years Single gents / ladies : Rs 2750/- Nett per person� Children below 14 years Rs 1500/- Nett The above rates are inclusive of: Gala Dinner Buffet, Starters and: Single Tickets : 2 Beverage vouchers Each voucher can be redeemed for � 60 ml of Domestic Spirits and Mixes Or � One Bottle of KF Beer. Child Ticket : Unlimited Soft Beverages

Adult (Male/Female): Rs. 2,750/-
Child (Below 14): Rs. 1,500/-

Booking Closed. HAPPY NEW YEAR



Residency Towers - Madras favorite hotel with the best pubs and restaurants.

N Boag Rd, Thiyagaraya Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017




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